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What  does eating disorder coaching look like?

During our sessions we will cover meal support, between-session goals and activities, and after-hours support by text or email that meets your individual needs. Together we will empower your thoughts, feelings, and behavior as you journey towards recovery. Here is a snapshot of what areas of support might be included:

  • Learning new ways of coping with difficult emotions

  • Developing self-compassion

  • Body image healing work

  • Exploring the root importance for recovery

  • Learning the mindset to challenge eating disorder thoughts

  • Goal setting

  • Challenging eating disorder behaviors safe and supported way

  • Exploring meals, snacks, and fear foods

  • Supporting you with grocery shopping, meal preparation, and clothing shopping

  • Tapping into strength and freedom so that this part of you can heal

  • Working alongside others on your treatment team i.e.: therapist or dietitian.

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Let's get to know each other first! During this call we'll explore ways in which you are comfortable receiving support.

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