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My Story

I never thought it could or would happen to me, either. I thought falling to the pressures of society, media, perfectionism, and insecurities was for the weak. That only happened to other people. Not me. Until it was me. For many years, it was me. 

I suffered from anorexia and an exercise addiction for the majority of my twenties. It stole some of what were supposed to be the best years of my life. Fortunately, I was able to fight back, and regain control of my life. Recovery has taught me so many things, but most of all, how grateful I am for life. A life full of zest, energy, and experiences. It has taught me how easily things can slip, and how desperately I want for others to experience this freedom that I so deeply cherish. 

I am dedicated to walking the journey of recovery with others who find themselves fighting with eating disorder behaviors and tendencies. I am here to tell you, freedom is possible, and it’s so, so beautiful. 

As a Registered Nurse, Gym Owner, and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, I see health from a holistic perspective, and am able to approach each individual person with a wealth of knowledge from both personal and professional experience.

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You Deserve to Live a Life of Freedom

My Mission

At Nourished & Free Coaching, my mission is to empower individuals struggling with eating disorders to reclaim their lives and achieve lasting freedom. I approach each client with empathy, personal experience, and professional expertise, providing the understanding and support needed for a successful recovery journey.


I believe in the possibility of a balanced, healthy life for everyone and I am committed to guiding my clients every step of the way. Together we will strive to break the chains of self-criticism and powerlessness, replacing them with self-love, control, and freedom. My mission is to illuminate the path towards a life full of zest, energy, and experiences - a life truly nourished and free.

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